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With our huge experience of various networks you don’t need to look any further for knowledgeable engineers who you can rely on to get the job done.

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About Us

We Work With You To Address Your Most Critical Business Priorities

Fiber Sonic Network , is a fast growing medium sized, Equal Opportunity Employment Company, providing products and services within the networking, communication and fiber optic Industry in Kenya, and soon to expand to other East African Regions.

The company’s objective is to grow and become the preferred supplier to its customers and ultimately expand its operations.The philosophy that a satisfied customer returns for service and products will be the foundation of Fiber Sonic Network quality policy.

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Why Choose Us

We offer optimized full turnkey network rollout and maintenance solutions, and maintain high standards by a process of continuous improvement, utilizing to maximum effect lessons learned serving a diverse range of clients and implementing a range of equipment types in multiple environments.

Health and safety

Financial stability


Health and safety
Financial stability

Fiber Sonic Network’s is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy and safe working environment for all of its staff, customers and anyone who may be affected by its activities.

To comply with relevant local and international health and safety legislation

To set and maintain high standards of construction and installation safety with an annual review of the Fiber Sonic Network safety policy

To identify hazards, assess risks and implement control procedures

To ensure that staff, customers and visitors are adequately informed of risks, and where appropriate, receive instruction, training and supervision

To document and review risk assessments

To implement this policy through codes of practice, schedules, guidance notes and training

To ensure that all sites conform to local and international standards

To ensure that all personnel are issued with the necessary safety resources, such as personal protective equipment, and receive appropriate training in order to carry out their functions safely.

Fiber Sonic Network’s is a financially stable entity.

Fiber Sonic Network’s maintains an ever present staff in our home market to provide daily and emergency services to our local customers. In addition, some of our staff is dedicated to traveling to any market a customer requests.


What We Are Offering To Customers


Network Planning

Fiber Sonic Network has decades of experience in all aspects of communications network design and construction. From high-level conceptual designs to detailed street-level engineering, we understand how to build networks tailored to a community’s goals.

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Metro Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber Sonic Network technicians complete turn-key fiber installations at our customers' request. From cable path design and layout to final splicing and documentation. Fiber Sonic Network provides solid solutions to your optical fiber needs.

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Civil Work

Teams of experienced local workers are managed to construct all types of sites to specification. Fiber Sonic Network has a verifiable track record of high quality site builds.

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